New Titanic 2 ship replica and the original RMS Titanic

The new Titanic 2 ship will be a most identical replica of RMS Titanic. The creator of the Titanic II ship project Clive Palmer revealed his plan: “It will be every bit as luxurious as the original Titanic but of course it will have state-of-the-art 21st Century technology and the latest navigation and safety systems”.new Titanic II ship replica model

RMS Titanic and 21st century regulations – the challenge for the new Titanic 2 ship project

This will truly be an uneasy task as ships have to comply with SOLAS. Nowadays radars and modern and more lifeboats demand more space and hull reshaping. The company appointed to deal with planning is Deltamarin from Finland. Deltamarin succeeded in sticking close to the original announced Blue Star Line, Clive Palmer’s company which is to be the future owner of the Titanic 2 ship. The location of cabins and public rooms we’ll be exactly the same way as it was on Titanic. In regard to authenticity passengers’ accommodations will be divided in first, second and third class.

The new Titanic 2 ship is sure to recreate RMS Titanic splendour. Swedish company Tillberg Design was supplier chosen for architectural and interior design services. The Grand staircase, cafe Parisien, Turkish baths and a swimming pool will be at passengers’ disposal.

The new Titanic 2 ship and RMS Titanic dimensional comparison

Titanic 2 construction plansConstruction plans presented by Clive Palmer show new Titanic 2 ship will be 3 inches longer than Titanic.

The eccentric billionaire was asked for an explanation of that fact and he answered in his manner: “well three inches can make all the difference’. The truth is that it is three inches bigger to allow us to install a camera on the bow so that anyone can stand there with their arms out and get that famous snapshot.”

New safety regulations will have more significant impact on the width of the ship. New Titanic 2 ship will be made 4,2 m (13,9 ft) wider to increase stability.

The new Titanic 2 ship – replacing the steam engines

Titanic 2 ship propulsion azipods

Titanic 2 ship azipods

One of the most significant changes is related with the propulsion of the New Titanic 2 ship. Instead of the Edwardian steam engines, turbine and boilers, Titanic 2 ship will have diesel-electric propulsion system with three azimuth thrusters powered by 4 generating sets. This system is to be sourced by Wartsila, key player in the branch.

Free space in the boiler uptakes will be utilised for adding new “emergency staircases.” The first two of the redundant funnels will house decks offering the passengers a best view perspective.

In order to make the new Titanic 2 ship more stable and safer several constructions improvements will take place.

The new Titanic 2 ship – constructional improvements

First, Titanic 2 hull will be welded not riveted and respectively more immune to dangers at sea. To increase stability designers projected bigger beam and three stabilizers.

Titanic 2 will also have no sheer. Ocean liners’ sheer was only decorative and was constructed to give a more graceful look to the ship. This however made ship-building more complicated and expensive. The new Titanic 2 ship won’t have sheer but will look like having it. The imitation is to be achieved by rakes at the stern and bow of C deck.

Titanic 2 lifeboats color will be orange

titanic 2 orange lifeboats

Due to 21st century safety standards the new Titanic 2 ship is to have a new “safety deck” added. It will be placed between decks C and D and will accommodate evacuation system and new, modern, orange lifeboats. The boats will be placed in a way to fit in Titanic 2 external look. Original RMS Titanic lifeboats will be located on the boat deck.

The “safety deck” requires lowering deck D by 2,8 m. A 1,3 m raise in Titanic 2 superstructure will provide the space for the higher central section of the “Safety deck”. With the removal of the orlop deck occupied generally with the boilers, will be created room for the lowered decks.

Raising the superstructure of the New Titanic 2 ship means her bridge will be higher as well as her total height.

The new Titanic 2 ship and 21st century conveniences

Clive Palmer

Clive Palmer

Another improvement aimed at passengers’ convenience is the air-conditioning system. Unlike the RMS Titanic, the new Titanic 2 ship will have one. To keep the spirit of the Edwardian era however, no TV sets and Wi-Fi will be available on board of the Titanic 2.

Clive Palmer’s interview also reveals more details and summarizes differences between the RMS Titanic and the new Titanic 2 ship. “New escape stairs, service elevators, air conditioning room and similar functions have also been added and the inclusions of main fire zones have been designed so that they have minimum disturbance on public rooms. G deck has also been re-designed to now feature crew accommodation, laundry, stores and machinery” Clive Palmer said.