Palmer’s plans for Titanic replica suffering setbacks

Palmer’s plans for Titanic replica suffering setbacksClive Palmer displayed quite the ambition when he first announced his plans to build a Titanic replica.

However, it seems that the project is unlikely to be carried out as reported by Chinese workers. Initially, the vessel was due to set sail in the year 2016, naturally undergoing a journey from Southampton to New York as the original ill-fated liner.

The idea for the replica vessel was announced by Mr. Palmer back in April of 2012, but according to workers at the Chinese CSC Jinling shipyard there’s been close to none work done.

“The Titanic replica was just a proposal,” one worker commented.

“The project has not been even launched and almost no work has been done regarding the vessel.”

Another worker added that the shipyard did not have the necessary capacity required for the carrying out of the $500 million replica project.

When previously discussing his plans, Mr. Palmer said that he intends to recreate the whole experience of the original Titanic down to the tiniest detail, even the 1912-style clothing for third-class passengers.

“This will not be a simple cruise ship that you get on to go from point A to point B, this is an experience like no other,” he elaborated after sharing his plans.

He also intended for the menu to be the same as the one that was served aboard the original ship on the night it sank – 14th of April, 1912 – after having sailed for four days on its maiden voyage.

Plans were for the vessel to be able to accommodate 2700 passengers along with 900 crew members and have a safety deck that was not on the original Titanic. Naturally, keeping in consideration the ill fate of the original vessel, the lifeboats were to also be far more advanced and greater in their number.